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See What Dental Professionals Are Saying About Our Repair Service!

The Dentist’s Choice has more than exceeded our expectations. The turn around time has been the best we have ever experienced. Same day or one-day service, top notch workmanship, and cost much less expensive than our other repair company. We have had great service and all repairs have met our standard. We will continue to use these services in the future. We highly recommend The Dentist’s Choice without any reservation. It is a pleasure to do business with this company."


Dr. Mark E. Taylor's Staff


"The Dentist's Choice provides quality and timely handpiece repair. I would recommend other dental offices choose The Dentist's Choice."


Dr. Mark E. Taylor


"There are several favorable remarks I have to make about your business.


1)       Your closeness to our office – its so nice to call and you come the same day. Likewise, when you return to bring our repairs.

2)       Your expertise – the repairs have made the handpieces like new.

3)       Your personal attitude of cooperation – very appreciated."


Mary Wilson – Dental Assistant of Dr. James B. Macomson


"You do a wonderful job in repairing our highspeed handpieces promptly. Thanks for such excellent turn around time."


Dr. Susan Stover


"The price is great. We were paying $200 to have our handpieces repaired. We could almost buy one for that. The service is so prompt that we don’t even miss the handpiece. It seems like its back in the office as fast as it left. The friendliness is unbelievable, and it is a joy to do business with this company. The company actually cares about our practice. I wish we could have found you years ago. Thank you."


Kim Foster – Clinical Supervisor For Dr. Dave Paquette


"It is so convenient to have our handpieces picked up at our office and promptly returned the next day. The service and quality of work is great."


Cheryl Belk – Dental Assistant for Dr. Stover


"1)       Very prompt with picking up and repairing.

2)       Not too expensive, and handpieces are fixed.

3)       Have not had to return a repair.

4)       Very friendly"


Dr. Benjamin F. Dyer


"Prior to utilizing The Dentist's Choice for our handpiece repair, we sent our handpieces to the manufacturer via our dental supplier. We found the delay of 10 days to get the handpiece to the manufacturer, was not acceptable. Ten days going, 10 days coming back, and usually 10 days in repair meant we were short a handpiece for a month. We all know that Murphy's law takes place and when one goes down, another will usually follow. A call to Mark means a next day pick up. Repair has never taken more than a week, and most times less. As the office manager for a 2 dentist office, it is my job to keep it all together. The Dentist's Choice has made that job easier! It is also easier on the office expenses. I would not consider any other method of repair. Mark keeps good records of his repairs and stands behind his work."


Eugene J. Jendrasik - Office Manager For Dr. Kathryn Jendrasik-Savitsky


"Mark does quality work. His prices are very reasonable and he gets the work done quickly. He is very pleasant to work with also. Dr. Bateman's office highly recommends his services."


Lorna Hinson - Dental Assistant For Dr. Richard Bateman


"We all have been in a bind when our handpieces have gone out. We have found The Dentist's Choice to be a most timely and cost efficient way to get our handpieces back with the least amount of down time. We would highly recommend them."


Webb & Allen Orthodontics


" The Dentist's Choice handpiece repair service is my recommendation for handpiece repairs. You can expect quick turnaround, minimal inconvenience, and a quality job. Most importantly, if you have a question or any type of problem the work is backed by The Dentist's Choice. In my experience our relationship has been all positive."


Dr. Will Current Jr.


" As my equipment is getting some age on it as I am, it needs frequent attention. Mark goes out of his way to do my repairs. I highly recommend The Dentist's Choice for all of your handpiece repairs."


Dr. Breece Breland


" I wanted to write and express my gratitude for the fine workmanship you have displayed in repairing our ADEC handpieces. The turn around time has been extremely fast, and we really did not notice any 'down time' because of the prompt service. Your attention to detail and customer service has really been appreciated. With the great price point, I feel we could not find a better company to do business with for our repairs. Thanks again for such wonderful service."


Dr. W. Kevin Monroe

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